Meet The Team

I guess it all started from the moment that we decided to plan our own wedding in an unconventional way to satisfy our needs for creativity and beauty. Years have passed from all those adventurous trials, nowadays NAVA plans (almost) flawless international destination weddings.

We both love traveling and have been visiting places around the globe for the past decade till we fell in love in Mediterranean and decided to get based in Antalya. There is no secret anymore that Turkey has it all – fantastic, fun-filled resorts, gorgeous beaches, breathtaking scenery, mouth-watering food and an extremely rich culture to immerse yourself in.

The quest for a wedding destination region that benefits from the vast diversity of world-class hotels, picturesque resorts and excellent beaches, brought us to no place other than Antalya. And to our surprise, all those iconic beaches and spectacular pine-clad landscapes were combined with ancient sites, history and friendly locals to make us sure that we have got the perfect ingredients to plan unique and unforgettable destination weddings. From the beautiful warm weather to the luxurious spa treatments and ancient amphitheaters, you and your guests are assured to experience a whole load of oriental delights if you choose to celebrate your big day in Antalya region. Moreover, Antalya's international airport being on the top of the Europe's busiest holiday airports guarantees easy access from all around the world.

Transforming an ordinary expensive crowded home wedding to a dreamlike affordable intimate destination wedding loaded with beauty and joy is the real magic we look for. Call us to hear some of our inspiring stories.