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I guess it all started from the moment that we decided to plan our own wedding in an unconventional way to satisfy our needs for creativity and beauty. Years have passed from all those adventurous trials, nowadays NAVA plans (almost) flawless international destination weddings.

We both love traveling and have been visiting places around the globe for the past decade till we fell in love in Mediterranean and decided to get based in Antalya. There is no secret anymore that Turkey has it all – fantastic, fun-filled resorts, gorgeous beaches, breathtaking scenery, mouth-watering food and an extremely rich culture to immerse yourself in.

The quest for a wedding destination region that benefits from the vast diversity of world-class hotels, picturesque resorts and excellent beaches, brought us to no place other than Antalya. And to our surprise, all those iconic beaches and spectacular pine-clad landscapes were combined with ancient sites, history and friendly locals to make us sure that we have got the perfect ingredients to plan unique and unforgettable destination weddings. From the beautiful warm weather to the luxurious spa treatments and ancient amphitheaters, you and your guests are assured to experience a whole load of oriental delights if you choose to celebrate your big day in Antalya region. Moreover, Antalya's international airport being on the top of the Europe's busiest holiday airports guarantees easy access from all around the world.

Transforming an ordinary expensive crowded home wedding to a dreamlike affordable intimate destination wedding loaded with beauty and joy is the real magic we look for. Call us to hear some of our inspiring stories.


Nava characterized Nava & LightCUBE Wedding by clean line design, a carefully orchestrated flow and an incredible attention to every detail. She is renowned for her ability to do finishing touches in stressful situations and is beloved for her candor and creativity.
She is in charge of all planning, coordination and design for weddings. Clients who come to Nava for her keen eye for design, her wealth of wedding knowledge and her easygoing nature often become lifelong friends. Nava feels so blessed to work with people during one of the most joyful times in their lives. She loves to see her brides glide down the aisle, marking the beginning of the rest of their lives.
"When I'm not planning weddings with my fabulous team, 

  • I enjoy cooking, styling the dish is one of favorite parts.
  • watching my favorite tv series. grey's anatomy, penny dreadful, shameless.
  • traveling, it gives me breathing space as it takes me away from my daily routine. 
  • volunteering, Making a difference on the road is as easy as signing up for it. If you want to make friends with the locals or really get a feel for a place, volunteer for a few days and see where it takes you. There’s always someone to help, no matter what part of the world you’re in.
  • sightseeing and hanging out with my husband, Soheil, and dog, Mara."

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As a professional business coach, Soheil quests meaning of his life by inspiring people to dream, to transcend, to go beyond what occurs to them as possible and to help them to make that dream come true. He finds his most enjoyable moments of his life celebrating breakthroughs along with his clients making them lifelong friends. Alongside his regular business trips in the heart of his corporate life, he has found the same purpose and joy in styling love stories. Ask him what are you doing at Nava & LightCUBE Wedding and he would reply: "What a better way than to style a dream destination wedding to celebrate life? My challenging and rewarding job is to put stuff together in order to come up with a creative solution that meets lots of needs. At the end of the day, you meet new people, explore new possibilities, immerse yourself into cultures and customs and make friends by the unforgettable moments of bliss and beauty. Cheers!"

  • I'm obsessed with my beard, I guess.
  • I like it very much performing ceremony part.
  • I'm an avid foodie, though I don't look like one.
  • No basketball no life, also no football no life. I even do daydream about them.
  • I love dogs (especially those called Mara), and also cats, and ... you name it ...
  • Living close to nature (actually very close if not in!) is a must.
  • I've got itchy feet and "Transit Hall" in all forms is in the list of my needs.
  • "Keep Traveling!" and "25 till I die!" are my slogans.

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Mahyar has been working as Media and Design Specialist for most of his professional career. As a person who lived all his life in the hallucination of love, working with his best friends in Nava & LightCUBE Wedding and the wonderful nature of Antalya is the best opportunity to overcome these dreams with reality.

"I am extremely passionate about anything related to ART and LOVE, and I consider myself very lucky to spend my life doing work related to them. I enjoy traveling around Antalya and spending time outdoors. This place is breath-taking and I’m trying to take advantage of it as often as I can.
I would like to spend more time drawing and painting. At the beginning of this year I started oil painting. It was something I wanted to do for a long time, but I wasn’t ready for it. It is a brutally hard medium where every small breakthrough feels incredibly satisfying, and I’m loving it."


Katerina is originally an advertising and public relations specialist graduated from the faculty of journalism. She is purposeful, easy-going, cheerful and responsive. Her sense of beauty and style along with her communicative personality are her asset in wedding planning. Katerina is a teamplayer who loves to share knowledge and ideas with her colleagues.
"I love my family and friends. I adore outdoor activities, picnics, rafting and travelling. I like to sit by the fire with my friends and enjoy the natural beauty of the world. Besides, im a very versatile person - im fond of fashion, photography, music, painting, sport and art. I'm a sociable person and like to meet new people. I love to dream and it helps me to remain positive, kind, romantic and happy in my life. In the words of Aristotle: “The future belongs to those, who believe of their dreams”

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